Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

**Ignore the holes! lol - those were my "testing it was done" holes.**

Just some photos of the red velvet cake I made over the holiday weekend for a BBQ. It was my first attempt at a red velvet - not a west coast kind of dessert! - and it came out wonderfully. Unfortunately, my attempt at cream cheese frosting was not so wonderful (maybe since I was trying to be "good" and used low fat..?) so hubby had to make an emergency Vons run on Sunday morning so I wouldn't be late to church (not that it would have mattered, I got to church and there was paramedic/fire truck drama and a baptism so it started late anyway)! lol, we ended up just throwing some Pillsbury tub frosting on it but it was still yummy. I'll try the cream cheese frosting again some other time. Recipe coming soon!

**The finished product - the red and blue things are sprinkles and star-shaped sprinkles (so cute!)**

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Amber said...

I really want to make a red velvet cake! I have never had one before. That looks so good.