Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tagged... once again!

Tagged again by Trisha and Jennyfer this time :) Let me see if I can come up with another 8 things about myself...!

1. I just had my wisdom teeth pulled - only interesting since most people get them out while they're a teenager and I'm almost 30! I was all worked up that it was going to be really gnarly - didn't phase me a bit! :) Either I'm one tough chicky or I just have a really good dentist! I do have to say I am so sick of eating bland soft food! Thank God this is healing really quickly - it will be nice to be able to eat an apple again!

2. My car is about to hit 100,000 miles! Not sure if I'm happy about that or not... I have to drive a lot for work so I put tons of miles on it.

3. I just started running again (I've tried this a bunch of times and just keep falling off the wagon!) and am really enjoying it this time! I've been able to get up to a 5K and have actually gone a little over the 3.1 miles. Trying to get up to 4 miles without stopping and then I'll sign up to run an actual 5K sometime this fall.

4. I'm currently working on my Masters in Teaching with an emphasis on educational technology. As much as I bitch and complain about the classes, I do really love them (I'm a school junkie!) and I'm now considering going back after this one to get another Masters in counseling or something! Maybe something like the National Board certification (I can call myself "uber teacher" lol) :)

5. Continuing the teacher geek stuff, I'm a huge science nerd and would love to get a thing that would allow me to teach middle school science. I know, how many people do you know who actually like working with middle school kids?! I think they're great - they are really some of my favourite students at my current job and I think it would be awesome to keep those young women interested in the sciences. :)

6. Sometimes I think I'm a bit too liberal for my own good! lol I think it gets me in trouble ;) It's funny, too, because my hubby is totally on the other side of the fence - we get into some very interesting political debates! (I'm Dharma, he's Good thing I don't believe in judging people on who they are/what their beliefs are... I'd have no friends! I'm also a total greeny which he likes to make fun of me for (yes, I pick aluminum cans and paper out of the trash after he throws them in there!)

7. 98% of people mispronounce my name. It really irritates me... how hard is it?! Really people... give it a little effort! lol ;) Actually, when I first moved out here to San Diego from very rural northern England (yeah, I'll tell you about a culture shock!) and went with my mom (mum!) to register for 8th grade (crappy time to move - do not do that to your kids, please!) the secretary at the school office insisted on pronouncing my name incorrectly despite my mom correcting her multiple times. Idiot! My mom is still pissed about that... lol ;) The woman had the nerve to tell my mother she was pronouncing my name incorrectly! Who the F does that?! Honestly...
On that note, as a teacher, I really do my best to always pronounce names correctly or I ask the children how they pronounce it then make a note so I won't forget/screw it up!

8. I think it would be so much fun to drive a drag race car! Just once for the 1/4 mile... what a rush! I know, those things cannot be doing the earth a favour at all so I probably sound like a bit of a hypocrite! Maybe they can rig one to run on bio-fuel for me! lol - it will be the slowest 1/4 mile the Pomona drag strip has ever seen ;) My father-in-law is a huge race car guy (he used to drag race and currently works on his friend's stock car) and used to own a '55 Chevy that he converted to a dragster. It was awesome. Unfortunately he sold it, but he did buy the sweet '39 Chevy that we used as our wedding car after selling the '55 so I really can't complain :)

That's it... Fascinating, huh?! ;)