Sunday, March 30, 2008

Menu - Week of March 30-April 5

This is my 200th post :) Pretty sad that it's only being used for a menu but whatever! I don't have anything else to post about at the moment!

Sunday - Summer pesto pasta with a Goddess salad for myself; chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and home-made marinara for DH.

Monday - Black bean soup with sherry; Chicken enchiladas for hubby. I might actually have the soup for lunch and then have veggie enchiladas for dinner... still deciding!

Tuesday - Baked tofu with peanut sauce. I'll also have some type of green veggie on the side; hubby will have a burger with blue cheese and all his favourite toppings.

Wednesday - Quinoa tabouli salad (I'm so excited to finally be trying quinoa!); lemon-mustard chicken with rice and broccoli for hubby.

Thursday - Spring vegetable stew with soft polenta; Parmesan pork chop (going to try the Giada recipe) for DH.

Friday - More quinoa! :) Peruvian baked quinoa and cheese (sort of a better for you version of mac and cheese I guess...); DH will have tacos.

Saturday - So far I have kung pao tempeh triangles for myself for lunch... not sure what hubby will have. Dinner will be lemon-dill salmon croquettes with horseradish sauce and a salad.

I'm worried I'm not getting enough protein so I've decided to add fish (and maybe a little chicken here and there) back into my diet once or twice a week. Besides, I miss fish! I'll still be eating veg. most of the time since I've loved all the new recipes I've found! I'm not a calorie or anything else counter so trying to make sure I'm getting adequate protein is just too much of a pain - I know, such a quitter! There are just too many health benefits of fish that I feel I can't give it up completely...

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