Saturday, February 16, 2008


I got tagged by two different people :) Does that mean I have to come up with ten things about myself instead of just five?! I'm sure I could :) Hee hee
I've probably said all these same things every time I've been tagged.. oh well :)

Here are the rules:
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1. I grew up in England which is why you may see words spelled funny on here :) Yes, I know the American spellings, I just prefer to stick to my roots when it's not something I'm being graded on! hee hee! I actually get to go back to the UK for the first time in 11 years (I've been living in San Diego for 17) in July. I am super excited about it! It has been way too long since I've been back!

2. I'm a teacher but I don't actually teach in a classroom anymore! I work for a public charter school and my students are all home-schooled. Even though my teaching credential is for K-6, I get to work with kids in grades K-12 since it's considered "self-contained." It's so much fun - really flexible and I really get to know each of the students. Plus, it's so nice to actually feel appreciated by their parents! :)

3. Speaking of teaching, I'm working on my Masters degree in teaching with an emphasis in educational technology. I love school and it's a good thing since this is a LOT of work! I'm a little more than halfway done - I have 2 more classes after the 1 I'm currently in (done at the end of Feb) and then my thesis class which is some 3-month hellish thing. Yeay - looking forward to that! lol :) I actually really like writing so it shouldn't be too bad... I hope! The ed. tech. classes are my favourites - I've done stuff like build course websites (full online courses!) and create web-quests which are so fun to use with elementary and middle-school kids! So practical :)

4. When I'm not working or doing school stuff (or cooking!) one of my favourite hobbies is photography. I took a couple classes years ago at the community college level (just for the heck of it sort of thing) and fell in love with it! I've actually had cameras since I was very young and have always enjoyed screwing around with them but never really did anything serious with it until I was in high school. My school had a great dark room and I actually learned to develop my own film - that's an experience I recommend you have before you die! :) Totally smelly (and I'm sure those chemicals aren't good for you!) but fun!
A couple years after I finished my BA/teaching credential, I took 2 community college photography classes. One was just a basic 35mm class and the other was creative photography. We used slide film for both classes so I have all this trivia in the back of my head about which films are good for which environments! lol
I actually shot a friend's wedding about a year before my own (totally shocked at how well the prints came out!) and like to do lots of artsy-fartsy stuff.. I really need to start getting back into that!
Oh, and on a side note - I can't stand digital photography! I'm such an old-fashioned film gal! :) I think it's half related to my lack of a decent digital camera... I'm sure my blog would look a gazillion times better if I had that Nikon D80 I've had my eye on ;)

Forgot what number I was on ;)
5. I would seriously love to learn to make my own home-brewed beer! No, I'm not kidding! :) I love wine but have never been accused of knowing anything about it - I can never distinguish flavours in wine or any of that. I do like drinking it, though! Beer, on the other hand... I am quite the beer snob! I love local beers and all those artsy micro-brews and I totally think fizzy yellow beer (ie: Bud, Miller, Coors.. you know, college beer!) is just nasty! Totally un-drinkable... in fact, I'm not even sure I drank that crap in college! lol ;) See... beer snob! Maybe it's the Brit in me - I think I have beer running through my veins but I just think it's hard to beat a really good pint!

I wasn't kidding when I said I like to write, was I?! :)

I have no idea who I'm going to tag... Let me check my blog list and I'll come back and add some names and links!

Cheers! ;)

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