Sunday, April 27, 2008

Menu for week of April 27-May 3

Sunday, April 27 - Fajitas :) I'm making mine with portobello mushroom and a bunch of other veggies; DH is having chicken fajitas. It's really hot here today (ugh..) so I'm not sure what else we'll have with them. It's just one of those "too hot to eat much" days... I'll probably just make a little rice or black beans.

Monday, April 28 - Beef stew for DH; vegetarian split pea and lentil soup for me. We'll both have salads on the side and some crusty bread (have to remember to get crusty bread!)
Hopefully it will cool down a bit! lol

Tuesday, April 29 - Chicken Parmesan for DH; Portobello Parmesan for me with spaghetti and home-made marinara for both of us.

Wednesday, April 30 - I have a late staff meeting at work... guess it's fend-for-yourself night!

Thursday, May 1 - Buffalo chicken bites for DH; Ratatouille with tofu for me. No idea on sides yet!

Friday, May 2 - Manicotti and salad (meat for DH; veggie for me)

Saturday, May 3 - Enchiladas (chicken for DH; avocado for me - yum!)

This might actually change around a bit. I have some great local avocados (that I got for free! yeay!) so I'm just waiting for those to ripen up. I'll make the enchiladas whenever that happens!

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