Monday, July 6, 2009

Gah... Duped Again!

So I'm adding agave nectar to my list of no-nos...
Just when I thought I'd found this great, after-taste-free, vegan-approved sweetener I find out it was probably all lies.
Here's a link to the article that was sent to me by a friend who shares my love of all things natural and un-processed.

Agave: A Triumph of Marketing over Truth

They plug stevia at the end a bit so I feel a need to add that I read stevia has its own set of issues. It really should only be used in moderation (at least they do mention that in the article) and (of course) I'm all for avoiding those fake stevia things that seem to be popping up now.

What a shame... At least there are still things like honey and maple syrup. I'll be sticking to those along with organic evaporate cane juice!


Jen said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been meaning to look at agave because DH is a diabetic now (can't remember if I told you or not - we haven't chatted in so long). I appreciate the info! We are using more honey, Equal, and regular sugar in lower amounts for now.

hotchildinthecity said...

what a bummer! p.s. i LOVE your blog title! i swear i hear it almost everyday....grr!