Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Menu - February 8-14

Here's the menu for this week... a couple days late but that's sort of normal for me (if I post one at all!)

Sunday - DH had oven-fried chicken; I had stuffed tomatoes with quinoa, black beans, and corn

Monday - DH had Cajun-spiced pork chops; I had Crumb-Topped Mushroom-Bean stew (post coming soon - it was fabulous!)

Tuesday - Lentil-Cauliflower Curry for me; salmon with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce (homemade) for DH.

Wednesday - I have a really crazy evening with a meeting until 6 and then tai chi class at 7:15 so I'll just heat up split pea and lentil soup for myself (homemade/in the freezer) and will throw together a burger with blue cheese for M.

Thursday - Beef burrito for DH; I'm having Garlic-Spinach Stellini pasta (Whole Foods cookbook recipe) with sun-dried tomatoes and portobello mushroom thrown in.

Friday - Ancient Grain Pilaf for me (provided I can find spelt...); Cheese-stuffed chicken for DH

Saturday - I boycott Valentine's Day but I still love my hubby so I'm grilling a steak for him :) I'll have pineapple-cashew quinoa stir-fry.
I'm also making brownies with some cute little Valentine's Day sprinkly things I found... (this set of sprinklies has lip-shaped ones! How fun is that? I'll have to post pictures!)
OK, so I'm just not that much of a heartless, Hallmark Holiday-hating hard-ass! ;) I just figure that if my husband doesn't know by now how I feel about him, a card and a box of chocolates isn't going to convince him!

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