Monday, June 2, 2008

Menu - June 1-7

I have only planned meals for myself this week... hubby had his wisdom teeth extracted on Friday and is having a way tougher time with it than I did. :( He is extremely hungry but can't really eat yet. I have plenty of stuff in the freezer/pantry for when he's feeling up to it so I'll have no trouble fixing something up for him as needed.

Confession: it is really nice only having to make one meal at a time, though! ;) I could get used to that! heh..

- Lentil-rhubarb soup (recipe coming soon!)

Monday - Summer pesto pasta with rosemary-cheese focaccia

Tuesday - Samfaina and couscous

Wednesday - Orzo and feta salad with lemon-caper dressing and kalamata olives (jealous?! I can't wait to try this!)

Thursday - Curried couscous pilaf with broiled Thai-style eggplant. If I remember to make it ahead (it needs to freeze for 8 hours), I'll also have a lime-coconut granita for dessert (it is the last day of the school year - work - after all! Have to celebrate!)

Friday - Havana black beans with orange-cashew pilaf

Saturday - Italian eggplant ragout with orzo

Yes, it is the week of orzo, couscous, and eggplant. ;)

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